Microsoft announces Office 2000 Developer Edition

In addition to debuting Visual Studio 6.0 on Wednesday, Microsoft also officially announced its upcoming Developer Edition of Office 2000, which will become available next year. Office 2000 Developer targets the over 2.6 million developers that use Office as a development platform, offering a new version of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)--6.0--as well as support for COM-based add-ins.

"Developers are interested in making full use of the power of Office in any solution they build," said Paul Gross, VP of developer tools at Microsoft. "With Office Developer, they'll get the tools, samples and documentation to help them extend and take advantage of Office to build solutions that empower end users."

Office 2000 Developer will include FrontPage 2000, the next version of Microsoft's best-selling Web page designer, Visual SourceSafe version control, and the new VBA 6.0 editor. Integration with Visual Studio 6.0 will allow professional developers to create Office-enabled solutions more easily.

For more information about Microsoft Office 2000 Developer, please visit the Microsoft Office Developer Forum

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