Microsoft announces the next version of FrontPage

Microsoft unveiled the next version of its FrontPage Web development tool Tuesday, which is currently code-named FrontPage 10. The next version of FrontPage will help teams work together, provide powerful new site creation capabilities, and expand on the power and ease-of-use of previous versions. It includes new graphic and content tools that make it easy to import and display photos and other information, and new usage analysis reports that allow users to control and manage their Web sites. FrontPage 10 also integrates with SharePoint, the Web-based collaboration tool that Microsoft will ship alongside FrontPage 10 and Office 10 next year. Microsoft notes that FrontPage is the number one selling Web site creation and management tool currently available.

"FrontPage 10 is the ideal tool for those who are serious about their Web site," says Joe Krawczak, the director of Office Marketing. "FrontPage 10 has been developed based on feedback from loyal FrontPage customers, many of whom have been using FrontPage to create and manage their Web sites for many years. With the addition of new graphics, content, site management and collaboration tools in FrontPage 10, we're delivering to customers the power, ease of use and sophisticated features that they want."

FrontPage 10 includes a new Photo Gallery option that allows you to display digital photos online in compelling and professional ways. You can also add Web content from MSN, MSNBC, Expedia, and bCentral automatically, without any hand-coding. New management and control features include a Usage Analysis report that identifies popular pages on your sites, and a set of "Top 10 lists" that can automatically provide links to these pages, so that users can navigate around your sites more easily.

Microsoft will ship FrontPage 10, Office 10, and SharePoint in mid-2001

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