Microsoft announces new Macintosh products

Microsoft Corporation announced new software products for the Macintosh Wednesday, including Outlook Express 5.0 and Word 98 Special Edition, along with its first Macintosh-compatible mouse, the IntelliMouse Explorer. The announcements came on the first day of MacWorld Expo, which opened Wednesday in New York.

"We are extremely excited to announce Word 98 Special Edition for the iMac and iBook and Outlook Express 5.0. Both of these products reflect our goal to deliver innovative products for the Macintosh that are simple to use and solve real-world, everyday problems," said Ben Waldman, general manager of the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft. "When we talked to owners of the iMac, they told us they wanted a world-class word processor at an affordable price. So we created a product to fit these needs that includes not only Word 98 but great content, such as greeting card designs, which will help people accomplish what they are trying to do at home better and faster."

Word 98 Special Edition is designed for consumers that purchased an iMac or iBook: In addition to Microsoft's world-class word processor, it includes clip art, greeting card templates, IE 4.5, and Outlook Express 4.5. But the big news is the price, as Word 98 SE will retail for only $100.

Outlook Express 5.0, Macintosh Edition, is due this fall along with IE 5.0. It features multiple email account support, email address auto-complete, drag and drop attachments, and a host of other features that will bring email on the Mac up to par with the PC.

Microsoft also announced that its upcoming IntelliMouse Explorer mouse will be sold in a single PC/Mac configuration. It's the first Microsoft mouse to support the Mac, though only USB-compatible Macs are supported.

"We know Mac users appreciate superior design and functionality in their hardware," said Tim McDonough, Mouse Line product manager at Microsoft. "Graphic designers and others whose work requires extreme accuracy will love the Explorer IntelliEye tracking ability.

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