Microsoft Announces High-End Windows

Microsoft announced Monday that a new version of its high-end Windows line, dubbed Windows Datacenter Server Limited Edition (Datacenter LE), will soon be available. Datacenter LE is targeted at customers who need the absolute highest in scalability and performance in a single machine solution with 16 or more microprocessors.

"Windows Datacenter Server Limited Edition continues to build on the great enterprise-class features and functionality we introduced in Windows 2000 Datacenter Server," said Cliff Reeves, vice president of Microsoft's Windows .NET Server Solutions Group. "We made a commitment to our enterprise customers to develop cost-effective products that meet the high levels of performance, scalability, reliability and serviceability they demand. Windows Datacenter Server Limited Edition further delivers on this promise."

Available only through the Windows Datacenter Program, Datacenter LE is optimized for financial, telecommunications, ISP, and retail customers with large-scale databases. The product is a 32-bit Windows version, and not based on Intel's Itanium. It will be available early in Q1 2002.

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