Microsoft announces Exchange Server 2000 Beta 3

As reported this weekend in WinInfo, Microsoft Corporation has released Exchange Server 2000 Beta 3 in tandem with the fourth annual Exchange Conference, which began Monday in Atlanta. Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, code-named "Platinum," is the company's next-generation messaging and collaboration server, which will require Windows 2000 and its Active Directory service.

"Knowledge workers are a company's most important asset," said Bob Muglia, the senior vice president of Microsoft's Business Productivity Group. "Exchange Server 2000 is a cornerstone in Microsoft's knowledge management platform, providing powerful messaging and collaboration services for accessing and sharing information across an enterprise and its key constituencies, such as customers and partners."

Exchange Server 2000 enhances reliability, scalability, and performance when compared to its predecessor, Exchange 5.5, while integrating with Windows 2000 and its Active Directory and Office 2000

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