Memphis: Windows 98?

Apparently, the first public demos of Memphis--held at the Spring Comdex Microsoft pavilion--have achieved a lot of press. One interesting detail that emerged in error: the product will supposedly be called Windows 98. "Memphis is going to be called Windows 98," said Dwight Davis, editorial director of the Windows Watcher newsletter. "We have it from pretty good authority that Microsoft's book division has published titles like Windows 98 Resource Kit, Getting Started with Windows 98, and Windows 98 Step by Step." Davis said he personally doesn't have a copy of the books.

That's because they're not published yet, Dwight. Here's the real story: Microsoft Press showed up for Spring Comdex with a new Fall 97 product catalog. These books--with their "Windows 98" titles--were mentioned in the catalog but it was released earlier than planned. So while Dwight here would have you think he has some sort of insider knowledge, the fact is that these books have yet to be published. In fact, the titles of the books (and the OS) could still change.

On that note, I do think that they'll call it Windows 98. This, however, is my personal opinion

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