McDATA Announces McDATA Connectors

McDATA, an open-storage-networking company, announced a new suite of services called McDATA Connectors, which include APIs for storage products. The new suite will offer support for storage-networking fabrics and third-party application integration. Like other companies in the industry, McDATA hopes to provide customers with a complete solution for managing storage-networking technologies from different companies. McDATA Connectors are part of McDATA's Epoch Software Architecture.

McDATA Connectors will support technologies from companies with which the company has previously partnered. These companies include Compaq, EMC, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Hitachi Data Systems, and IBM, as well as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), storage manufacturers, and storage-network manufacturers.

According to Robert Wright, vice president of McDATA and general manager of SANavigator, "McDATA's API strategy is the most comprehensive in the storage-networking industry today. We will be the only company with APIs extending beyond the element level, to the fabric and application levels. McDATA is committed to providing its customers with the freedom to choose best-of-breed products, including all the major switch vendors, for their storage-network solutions, by deploying standard API connectivity wherever possible and driving the industry toward new management standards where they don't yet exist."

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