Make a difference!

ZD Net has started a petition that it will send to Microsoft and Netscape, asking them to settle their differences and agree on standards. After checking this out and adding my name to the petition, I am asking you... no, begging please do the same. You can find out about the "Make a Difference" campaign at: (or)

and then sign the petition at

Here is the text of the petition:


RESOLVED, that the global Internet needs a single worldwide standard. The current incompatible approaches to "dynamic HTML" and "push" from Microsoft and Netscape threaten to divide that standard.

THEREFORE, WE THE UNDERSIGNED call on both companies to

  1. accelerate efforts to create joint specifications for dynamic HTML and push,
  2. submit those joint specifications to the W3C,
  3. to support those joint specifications in future browsers,
  4. to refrain from adding extensions to their browsers until those extensions have been submitted to a standards body and
  5. to refrain from "preannouncing" new standards until those standards have reached at least working draft status with a recognized standards body.
This petition will remain active until May 9, 1997, after which time the names and comments will be delivered to Microsoft and Netscape.


Folks, it's time to make a difference and do the right thing.


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