Maintaining Security in a Tight Economy

Despite hard economic times, IT departments are maintaining their focus on security. A recent survey by Halock Security Labs notes that only 7.6 percent of companies polled said their “ability to implement or maintain security initiatives has been severely affected.” At the other end of the spectrum, 61.5 percent say their IT budgets have not been affected. Falling in the middle, 30.9 percent of companies say their budgets have been “only somewhat negatively affected.”

Although strategic security initiatives and employee training are the least likely areas to be affected by decreased budgets, Halock notes that budgets for purchasing security products and hiring additional security staff are frequently cut. These trends echo those in most industries today—not just IT, and certainly not just IT security—all across the country, companies are trying to do more with less. As security professionals face ever-increasing demands to keep their companies’ networks protected, they’ll need to be creative to find the resources to do so.

Has your IT budget been cut lately? If so, how has it affected your security practices? Leave a comment below to share your experience.

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