Mail, Calendar, and People Windows 8.1 App Receives Another Ho-hum Update

Mail, Calendar, and People Windows 8.1 App Receives Another Ho-hum Update

The Mail, Calendar, and People app for Windows 8.1 is functional. None of the components of the overall app are glamorous. New features have been added over time, but those particular updates have been sparse, and really only included options that should have been there from the start.

The app received another update last night and I half-expected, after all this time, that there would be something substantial to show for it. As soon as it was updated for me, I went digging for something new, only to come up empty handed.

According to Microsoft, the update was only to address bugs and performance. It's great to see that the company is continuing to improve it, but I'd love to see them improve it. I know we're waiting for a touch-friendly version of Office that seems like it may never come and feeling a bit miffed that both iOS and Android already have modern versions, but give us Windows users something.

Paul made a passing comment yesterday in Windows 8.1 Update 2 is Shipping This Month that he believes Microsoft has already thrown up its hands with Windows 8.1 and has refocused to deliver Windows 9. Just as Microsoft worked to distance itself from the Windows Vista fiasco, they may be trying the same tactic with Windows 8.x. If that's truly the case, it's possible we may never see a true feature update to the Mail, Calendar, and People app or any of the other stock apps.

Are you using it, or have you found something else? I use the Calendar and Email components regularly, but only a tablet (Microsoft Surface). Do you think Microsoft has given up on Windows 8.x and its apps?

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