MacWorld hits New York

MacWorld Expo hits New York City's Javits Center for the first time this year, leaving Boston a distant memory. Central exhibits for the world's third most popular computing platform this time around include Apple's new iMac and G3 PowerBook lines, Internet tools, and multimedia. When the iMac was introduced a month ago, many user lamented its lack of a floppy drive or SCSI connector, but third party vendors showed up at MacWorld with plans for plenty of accessories that will run off of iMac's USB port.

The big buzz at the show, however, concerns products that haven't been announced yet, including rumored 333 and 366 MHz G3 systems from Apple that will adopt the iMac's curvaceous looks. These systems are rumored to include AGP graphics which, along with USB, should bring the Mac up-to-date with the latest Windows boxes. I've also gotten word that the iMac is, indeed, the ill-fated Mac NC box that Apple was working on for about a year, adapted to run the Mac OS.

I'm stilling waiting for information about Microsoft's offerings for Apple this time around. I've heard rumors that games such as "3D Baseball" have been ported to the Mac, and I'll provide more info as it comes in

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