Lotus president praises Microsoft Internet strategy and Java

Lotus President Jeff Papows used his Internet Expo keynote speech in Boston today to praise Microsoft's Internet strategy while urging competitors to set aside differences and use Java to merge component strategies. Papows, who will meet with Bill Gates this week to discuss these plans, said it was "reasonable" for Microsoft to offer a more granular level of Java and distributed object integration with the Windows platform than other platforms.

"If we get in our respective foxholes and throw rocks at each other, that'll lead nowhere," he said, sounding suspiciously like Steve Jobs.

On the table for Lotus and Microsoft are better integration between Notes 5.0 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Dynamic HTML, and Windows NT 5.0. All this corporate kissy-poo would mean little however, if Netscape would just unbundle Navigator from its bloated Communicator suite. Papows said Lotus would then consider a bundling and integration agreement similar to the agreement Microsoft got two weeks ago

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