Losses mount for AMD as president leaves

Microprocessor maker Advanced Micro Design (AMD) announced this week a loss of $162 million on sales of $595 million for the current quarter. The company also reported that its president, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Atiq Raza, will be leaving because of personal reasons. Though the loss was less than expected, AMD's troubles have mounted since Intel effectively met the challenge of the low-end chipmaker with its Celeron line.

"In the face of Intel's intensifying aggression in the consumer sector of the PC market...further gains in unit market share or revenue growth are unlikely," said AMD CEO Jerry Sanders.

AMD has had some success with its K6-2 line of microprocessors, which are Intel-compatible and come installed in some major brand name computers, such as Compaq. The latest K6's are available in 400 and 450 MHz versions, which don't quite match the performance of comparable speed Intel chips. AMD plans to release 550 and 600 MHz versions of its upcoming K7 sometime late this summer

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