Long Time Coming: Windows Store Gets a Cleanse

Long Time Coming: Windows Store Gets a Cleanse

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it is finally addressing the ongoing problem of the Windows Store being inundated with apps that are simply not useful and lack a certain quality. Microsoft, of course, labels these as "misleading apps," but most of us just refer to them as "crap apps."

To fix the problem, Microsoft is instituting new rules for apps contained in the store and amended the Windows Store app certification requirements to reflect the changes. The changes include:

  • Naming – the name of the app must accurately describe what the app is intended to do.
  • Categories – apps must be categorized correctly.
  • Icons – app icons must be unique and not be similar to any others.

The first action due to changes concluded with over 1,500 apps being removed from the Windows Store by Microsoft, and the company is working to identify even more. If an app you were using has been removed Microsoft has promised to refund the cost of the app.

This is definitely a long time coming, and hopefully Microsoft can figure out how to eliminate the problem completely. Both Apple and Google have experienced this same issue, with Google being the worst. One piece that still can't seem to get resolution is the number of apps that practically do the same thing. I mean, really…how many Fart Board apps do we really need in the world?

Source: Microsoft

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