Let's Make a Selection

You can use a game-show analogy to help you remember the selection process. The Windows 2000 Professional client is the game-show host, Wynn Toucay, and the DNS server is the announcer, Dee Eness. Wynn asks, "Whose cards do you have today, Dee?" Dee rattles off a list of potential contestants, who instantly start jumping up and down. Wynn picks the first contestant he sees and asks the contestant to come on down. If the contestant makes it down to Wynn within 100 milliseconds, Wynn will ask the contestant a few qualifying questions. If the contestant answers correctly, the contestant and Wynn will play the game. But suppose the contestant answers incorrectly. Before the contestant returns to the audience, the rejected player points out to Wynn that he’ll get better answers from the contestants sitting in a particular site—ah, section—of the studio. Wynn asks Dee to give him another contestant list, including only contestants from that section. If the first contestant that Wynn picks from this group correctly answers the qualifying questions, the contestant and Wynn will then play the game.

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