Lenovo Ships Full Pokki Suite on All Devices to Fix Customer's Windows 8 Woes

Lenovo Ships Full Pokki Suite on All Devices to Fix Customer's Windows 8 Woes

Announced on the Pokki blog, all future Lenovo devices will ship with the Pokki software suite. Pokki makes a suite of apps that includes a Windows 8 Start button, a real Start menu for Windows 8, and hundreds of self-designed apps from its own App Store including things like Facebook, Pandora, Gmail, and Angry Birds.

Due to confusion and consternation over Microsoft's first release of Windows 8, and growing concern that Windows 8.1 doesn't go far enough, Lenovo has chosen to include the software suite on all laptops and desktops as a means of helping customers over the Windows 8.x hurdles. Lenovo is the number 1 PC maker in the world, but with PC sales continuing to tank, Lenovo seems to believe changes to Windows 8 will help rebuild the PC industry, or at least stall it until stock shelves can be cleared. Lenovo recently released its annual sales numbers, and while the numbers were strong, the PC numbers had faltered.

You can read the Pokki announcement here:  Lenovo PCs now come with Pokki!

NOTE: Lenovo has yet to release a statement about the deal.

For those already running a PC or laptop with Windows 8, Pokki is a free download and can be obtained here:  Pokki for Windows 8

Pokki supports 13 languages: Chinese (simplified), Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Swedish, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian.


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