Kopy is a Shared Clipboard for All Your Devices

Kopy is a Shared Clipboard for All Your Devices

It's unusual for a great app to show up on Windows and Windows Phone originally, but Kopy could be one of the first.

Kopy is a web service that provides apps for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone (8.0/8.1). What Kopy provides is truly neat and innovative in that it allows you to copy text, contact addresses and information, audio, URLs, and other data on one device so that it is immediately available on another device. For example, say you find an interesting article on your Windows Phone that you might want to read later on your tablet's larger screen. Using the Windows Phone Kopy app, paste in the text or URL and it is automatically uploaded and stored to the Kopy web site.

Kopy also provides content "bookmarking." Bookmarked content is stored on the Kopy web site indefinitely, so you can just open the app and get access to it quickly. Think about those long, complex passwords and the small smartphone keyboard keys and how many times you have to tap and retap just to get it right. Using Kopy, just copy and paste the password from Kopy online storage. Kopy says that all data stored on the web site is encrypted and they are working to bolster the service with even better security.

Kopy doesn't require an account to work, but I highly recommend one. Without a Kopy profile, you cannot take advantage of history logging and bookmarking. And, Temporary Sessions are difficult, requiring the use of QR codes to store copied information using a temporary account. Of course, if you're worried about security, or are using a device without the app installed, the QR code method is good in a pinch.

Works with Cortana, too!

Start Cortana on your Windows Phone 8.1 device and say: "Kopy new text." Cortana will run the Kopy app and then wait for you to deliver your message.

I'm just getting started with the app and service, but already envision a thousand uses. Normally for things like this, I'll use OneNote, but then I end up having to take a "clean up OneNote day" to rid my OneNote storage of now meaningless information. With Kopy, the information I push back and forth between devices is more temporary, even though it does log my history.

Kopy is supported on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone right now and Android and iOS versions are promised soon. There's also a Chrome extension for using the web browser to snip text directly to the Kopy web site. Firefox and Internet Explorer add-ons are being developed. And, of course, you can just use the web site to perform the same functions: http://www.gokopy.com/

I give the service a thumbs-up for concept and for the Windows Phone app. The Windows 8.1 app needs a little work, though, because it looks like just a glorified web page turned into an app.

Here's the app locations:

Windows Phone: Kopy in the Windows Phone Store

Windows 8: Kopy in the Windows 8 Store

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