JSI Tip 6585. How can I verify that a computer's time is synchronized with the authoritative time server for my domain?

If the domain's Key Distribution Center (KDC) clock and the Kerberos client's clock differ by more than 5 minutes, authentication will fail. If you suspect this reason for a user's inability to log on, you can verify if the user's computer time is synchronized by using NETDOM.EXE from the Windows Support Tools. The Syntax is:

netdom time ComputerName /verify


netdom time jsi005 /verify

If the ComputerName is synchronized, you will receive:

Computer                                                            Status

= ComputerName In Sync The command completed successfully.
NOTE: See How do I configure an authoritative time server in Windows 2000?

NOTE: See How do I make my PDC emulator an authoritative time server for my domain without it synchronizing with a reliable time source?

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