JSI Tip 6353. RMTShare.exe is in the public domain.

In tip 3360, I described how to remotely share a resource in any Windows NT-based operating system.

Microsoft has placed the RMTShare.exe program on their FTP site at ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/bussys/winnt/winnt-public/reskit/nt40/i386/RMTSHAR.EXE.

After downloading RMTSHAR.EXE, double-click it to extract the Readme.txt and Rmtshare.exe files. Copy Rmtshare.exe to a folder in your path.

NOTE: The RMTSHARE syntax is:

RMTSHARE  \\server

          \\server\sharename=drive:path \[/USERS:number | /UNLIMITED\]
                               \[/GRANT \[user\[:perm\]\[ /GRANT user\[:perm\]\]\]\]
                               \[/REMOVE user\]

          \\server\sharename=printername /PRINTER \[/USERS:number | /UNLIMITED\]
                               \[/GRANT \[user\[:perm\]\[ /GRANT user\[:perm\]\]\]\]
                               \[/REMOVE user\]

          \\server\sharename \[/USERS:number | /UNLIMITED\]
                               \[/GRANT \[user\[:perm\]\[ /GRANT user\[:perm\]\]\]\]
                               \[/REMOVE user\]

          \\server\sharename /DELETE

NOTE: If a sharename or path contains spaces, it should be enclosed in quotes:
            \\server\"with space"="c:\with space"

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