JSI Tip 10127. You cannot download shared resources on a Windows Server 2003 domain controller by using BITS 2.0 if the UNC path of the server points to itself?

When a Windows Server 2003 domain controller using BITS 2.0 attempts to download shared resources from a UNC path that points to itself, the download is unsuccessful.

This behavior occurs because BITS 2.0 interprets this UNC path as a direct disk I/O operation and does not use the Windows Server 20034redirector.

To workaround this behavior, you can use either of the following:

Map a drive letter to the shared resource and use the drive to perform the download.


Disable the shadow loopback feature:

1. Open a CMD.EXE Window.

2. Type the following command and press Enter:

REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MRxSmb\Parameters /V DisableShadowLoopback /T REG_DWORD /F /D 1

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