JSI Tip 0197 - Join a Domain from a Windows NT Workstation over RAs.

1. You must have a Domain account on the remote Domain and you must have dial-in access on the RAS server.
2. Configure your Workstation as a member of a Workgroup, not a Domain.
3. Install RAS for dial-out on your Workstation. See RasPhone.hlp and KB article Q162293 for trouble shooting RAS client problems.
4. Implement tip 082.
5. You must create a computer account for your Workstation on the remote Domain:
   Connect to the RAS Server on the Remote Domain.
   Use Control Panel / Network / Identification / Change
   Change the Domain Name to the remote Domain.
   Select Create Computer Account in Domain and enter a Domain Administrators account and password.
   Reboot when you receive the Welcome to the <Domain Name> domain message.
6.Create a domain list:
   Logon to NT using your local account.
   Connect to the RAS server on the remote Domain.
   CTRL+ALT+DEL and logoff (your RAS connection should be maintained).
   Logon to the remote Domain.

Now that your credentials are cached, you may log on to its domain before you are connect to the RAS server. Windows NT will log you on automatically when you connect.

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