Jeffrey Snover Spills the Server Beans at TechDays Online 2015

Jeffrey Snover Spills the Server Beans at TechDays Online 2015

Earlier today, our own Orin Thomas stepped up to talk about the future of Windows Server. Much has been rumored about the next server version, since Microsoft officially announced that the product will be delayed until 2016. There's been wide speculation over the reasons for the delay. There's some, myself included, who don't believe another server version is even necessary this soon.

But, as Orin reported, Microsoft is definitely working to finalize the next server version, only it will take some time due to it being rejiggered as a more cloud-optimized, container integrated operating system. More detailed information will be forthcoming as part of BUILD developer's conference but also Microsoft's new marketing and messaging event, Ignite.

However, Jeffrey Snover does a great job of laying out the reasons for the delay and also provides a wonderful history of how Windows Server came to be. It's definitely worth a watch and listen.


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