“If I Ran Microsoft…” Video Contest Winners Announced

I've always thought that the best content often comes from the IT community itself, and such is the case with our inaugural video contest, produced in conjunction with, our sister video-sharing website for IT and development video content.

The basic premise of our contest was: "What would you do if you ran Microsoft?" In answer to that question we received more than 140 entries during the contest period (September-December 2008), including the three winning videos that were selected by our editorial team. Please join us in congratulating our three winners:

  • 1st: Simon Collier – University of Alberta
  • 2nd: Tammy White – Kansas State University
  • 3rd: Tim Sullivan – FTI Consulting

Each of these budding videographers has received an 8GB Zune for their efforts, and I've embedded the winning videos in this blog post. You can also see more details on our contest page.

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