Iomega Releases NAS Servers

Iomega has launched a new line of Network Attached Storage (NAS) file servers targeted at small and midsized businesses. The new line will include servers ranging in size from 120GB to 480GB. The product line is split into two series, A and P.

Iomega NAS series A, intended for small businesses, includes the NAS A300U, a 1U (1.75") rack-mount unit with three 40GB drives and the option of RAID 0 (striped), RAID 1 (mirrored), or RAID 5 (parity) configuration. The unit will retail for $1099. Iomega NAS series P is for workgroups and meets higher data-availability requirements. The NAS P400U, P405U, and P410U make up the NAS P series, which includes dual network cards in the server units and support for a hot-spare reserve drive. The NAS P400U with 160GB costs $1999, the NAS P405U with 320GB costs $2999, and the NAS P410U with 480GB costs $3999.

As part of the launch, Iomega has announced a new reseller program called ioLink, designed to help market the new line of products. A partnership program that will provide resellers with support and training, ioLink starts this month.

The NAS servers will begin to ship in early April. In June, Iomega will offer customers the option to select the OS on its NAS servers. A new Iomega NAS P4XXM series using Microsoft Server Appliance Kit (SAK) 2.0 will ship. The new series will provide customers with Active Directory (AD) service, local-tape backup, and full snapshot capability.

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