Internet Explorer downloaded 1 million times in five days

Microsoft Corporation announced on Wednesday that over one million copies of its Internet Explorer 5.0 Web browser has been downloaded in the five days since it was released, breaking the all-time download record previously set by IE 4.0 a year and a half ago. Of course, the number of downloads has also caused problems for some people that can't complete the transfer because of bogged down servers. All in all, it's a typical high-profile Internet launch.

"Customer response to Internet Explorer 5 has been simply amazing,'' said Yusuf Mehdi, director of Windows marketing at Microsoft. "We're thrilled with the number of downloads by customers over the first few days, and are gratified by the broad acclaim and recommendation from the industry's leading technical experts."

What's most amazing about the one million figure is that this represents only successful downloads from Microsoft's own servers; it doesn't take into account downloads from the numerous mirror sites around the world.

Microsoft's Mehdi attributes the download frenzy to the overwhelmingly positive reviews the product has gotten in the media. Indeed, Microsoft has even linked to my own review (I recommend downloading this browser very strongly) of IE 5.0 on the IE Web site

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