Internet Explorer 4.01 now available

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 4.01, a new update to its Web browser. The build number is 2106.8, if you're interested in such things. IE 4.01 fixes installation problems, incompatibility issues with Compaq Presario machines, and two small security bugs. It also adds full keyboard access to the Active Desktop, and features for vision-impaired users.

If you aren't experiencing stability problems with IE 4.0, you probably don't need 4.01, according to Microsoft. The company says that the upgrade is "not recommended for users who are currently satisfied" with the previous version of IE 4.0. Interestingly, the upgrade fixed a cut and paste problem I was having in Outlook Express as well. Other than that, I haven't noticed anything else, other than some nice new icons.

The update is now available from the Microsoft IE 4.0 site.

Oh, and thanks to Michael Tsang for knowing about this before the rest of the planet and telling me! I appreciate it

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