Internet Explorer 4.0 delayed until the end of March; more IE 4 news

Late last night, Microsoft officials elaborated on the delivery schedule of IE 4 somewhat, stating that the first beta release of IE 4.0, known as the "Platform Preview," would ship a few weeks behind schedule "at the end of March," according to Dave Fester, lead product manager for Internet Explorer. Microsoft has hired the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), a security consulting service, to find Explorer 4.0 security holes.

Of course, the delays didn't stop Microsoft from promoting the product at Spring Internet World. The company mentioned that IE 4 would initially be available for Windows 95 and NT but that versions for Windows 3.1, the Macintosh and five UNIX flavors would be made available "much sooner" to the original release than 3.0 releases were. Fester said that final Mac and Windows 3.1 versions of IE 4 will ship within 90 days of Explorer 4.0 for Windows 95 and NT, which is due out in mid-summer.

Few stories have generated as much interest as Internet Explorer 4.0 and I wanted to take a brief moment to thank all of you who forwarded news stories to me

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