Intel ups the ante with 533 MHz Celeron

It looks like the low-end desktop market is going to get a speed boost as well: Intel Corporation on Tuesday announced the immediate availability of its 533 MHz Celeron microprocessor. According to reports, it's the last Celeron to be built using 0.25 micron technology. Beginning with the 566 MHz version, due in less than two months, Celerons will adopt the faster and cooler 0.18 micron technology employed by Intel's high-end Pentium III. However, the Celeron will continue to sport half the L2 cache, 128K, offered by the Pentium III.

"Intel intends to remain aggressive in the value PC market segment in 2000," said Pat Gelsinger, VP of the Desktop Products Group at Intel. "The Celeron processor 533 MHz is the first of many new value PC desktop and mobile products from Intel in 2000. These products will help reinforce Intel's leadership in this market segment worldwide and bring great technology to consumers."

The Intel Celeron 533 is priced cheap at $167 per chip and, as such, is designed for the sub-$1000 market. Major PC makers such as Dell and Gateway are already offering systems based on the new chip. Celerons are now available in versions running at 533, 500, 466, 433, and 400 MHz

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