Intel spells out the future of laptop microprocessors

Intel intends for mobile processors--the CPUs used in laptops and other portable computers--to catch up with their desktop siblings soon. Currently, laptop microprocessors are far slower than desktop versions. Intel will begin, oddly enough, with a slower 133MHz MMX Pentium for laptops, this week. This CPU joins its 150 and 166 MHz siblings. Later this year, 200 and 233 MHz MMX Pentiums for laptops--code-named "Tillamook"--will arrive. The Tillamook CPUs will be the first to use Intel's 0.25 micro process, which enables lower temperatures and higher yields.

Early in 1998, Intel will debut the mobile version of the Pentium II CPU, code-named "Deschutes." This CPU will also be built with a 0.25 micron process. Deschutes is expected to run at 233-400 MHz when it is first released

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