Intel shows off iMac-killer, discusses future plans

Intel Corporation opened its Intel Developer Forum in Palm Springs, California on Wednesday with a discussion of future plans and the demonstration of a pyramid-shaped PC that is being called "an iMac killer."

The iMac killer--a prototype for a new type of home computer/appliance that should begin appearing in the next few years--is shaped like a tiered, blue pyramid, features a 500 MHz "Katmai" Pentium II processor, 128 MB RAM, four USB ports, and two high-speed 1394 ports. At its top is a DVD-RAM player. Intel says that customers are looking for different form factors with simple designs. The chip maker is working to develop these systems--which are dubbed E-Machines--with Korean manufacturer Trigem. In the interim, Trigem will release a PC that looks just like the iMac, and feature similar translucent parts, but run with a 333 MHz Celeron CPU.

Intel said the new-style PCs, which will begin appearing soon "will cause price pains" for other manufacturers, including Apple. Intel says complete Celeron systems, including 17" monitors, will soon be selling for $800

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