Intel readies 600 MHz Pentium III for laptops

Intel Corporation will up the ante once again the mobile space this month when it unveils its 600 MHz Pentium III microprocessor for mobile computers. Due January 18, the new chip is 100 MHz faster than the current speed champ, Intel's 500 MHz Pentium III. But the new chip will also offer other new features, including Intel's "Geyserville" technology, which will be called SpeedStep when it ships. SpeedStep lowers the speed and power consumption of the machine when its running on batteries.

When running on AC power, the chip will run at what Intel calls "Performance Mode." When unplugged and running on batteries, the machine will run at 450 MHz, unless the user specifies otherwise. However, running at full speed while on battery power will lower the machine's battery life.

From the 600 MHz model on, all of Intel's mobile processors will offer SpeedStep technology. By mid-year, the company will release 650 and 700 MHz chips, with a 750 MHz model expected by year-end

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