Intel pushes new StrongARM processor

Intel Corporation began beating the drum for its new 600 MHz StrongARM microprocessor, the brains behind a new class of non-PC devices such as handheld computers, Internet backbone products, and set-top devices. The next generation StrongARM processor will deliver 2-3 times the performance of the current generation chip while offering advanced power management features that allow it to operate at slower (and less power-hungry) speeds) while its full native speed isn't required, extending battery life.

"The combination of Intel's advanced manufacturing process technology and innovative design techniques continues the high performance and low power leadership of Intel's StrongARM technology," said Bill Johnson, an Intel vice president. "With the next-generation StrongARM technology, Intel processor roadmaps now span market segments from power-sensitive handheld products through performance-hungry Internet access devices."

For more information about the StrongARM processor, please visit the StrongARM Web site

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