Intel plans portable Celerons for early 1999

Intel will be releasing 266 and 300 MHz Celeron processors for mobile computers as early as January, ushering in a new age of sub-$1500 laptops. The new Celerons, which will feature 128K of L2 cache, will be accompanied by a new chipset designed for the power management features used in portables.

"We recognize there is a range of users, usage models and budgets out there," said Bob Jecmen, vice president and general manager of Intel’s mobile and handheld products group.

Celeron portables will range from about $1100 for a 32MB, 266 MHz model to about $1800 for a high-end system with a large screen and more RAM. The usual variety of suspects--Dell, Compaq, Gateway, and the like--are all preparing systems based on the new chipset

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