Intel to introduce new chips in 1999

Intel Corporation will ring in the new year with the first of a series of new microprocessor introductions designed at attacking both the low-end and high-end computing markets. In addition to the expected Celeron additions, Intel will introduce a new line of Pentium II CPUs which it will call "Pentium II Enhanced." Essentially a Pentium II with 256KB of L2 cache integrated into the processor, the Pentium II Enhanced will blow past the performance of the current generation of Pentium IIs, which feature 512KB of external cache (that is, the cache is not integrated into the processor, so it runs at only half the speed of the processor). 333 and 366 MHz Pentium II Enhanced processors will debut in January.

Also expected in January are the new 366 and (earlier than previously expected) 400 MHz Celerons, which will include a 100 MHz bus. In mid-1999, Intel will add a 433 MHz version as well.

For mobile users, Intel will introduce a 300 MHz Pentium MMX and 266 and 300 MHz Celeron processors. These chips are expected to launch an era of full-featured $1000-1500 laptops.

At the extreme high-end, Intel will release a 450 MHz Pentium II Xeon with a choice of 512KB, 1MB, or 2MB of L2 cache. This chip will be officially announced in January and be available in early 1999

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