Intel has some CPU surprises for 1997

Intel is planning to release a surprising collection of microprocessors this year. Though you've seen some of these mentioned in WinInfo already, the following list of CPUs should contain a few surprises:

  • Pentium II: A Pentium Pro-class CPU on a special daughtercard with 32K L1 cache, MMX capabilities and enhanced 16-bit performance. 233 and 266 MHz versions are due in May.
  • 133 MHz Pentium MMX CPU for laptops, also due in May. This is a low- voltage version of the P133/MMX. Currently, only a P166/MMX is available for laptops.
  • 233 MHz Pentium MMX CPU for desktops. Intel originally planned for the P166, then the P200, to be the last of the Pentium CPUs, but increased competition from AMD with the K6 led Intel to develop a 233 MHz version. This CPU is due in June or July.
  • 200 and 233 MHz Pentium MMX CPUs for laptops, due in September. This will close the gap between desktop and laptop Pentium systems. These CPUs, code-named "Tillamook," will be available in two form factors: a tape carrier package, and an Intel Mobil Module (IMM). The IMM allows for either 256K or 512K L2 cache and includes a portion of the new 430TX chip set.
  • 200 MHz Pentium Pro with 1 Mb L2 cache. This CPU will be the last non-MMX microprocessor the company makes. Previous Pentium Pro's shipped with 256 and 512K of L2 cache. This is due mid-year, and Dell will be selling four processor databases servers that use this CPU.
  • 300 MHz version of the Pentium II by the end of the year, with a 400 MHz version "by this time next year." Intel has already demonstrated 450 and 500 MHz versions of the Pentium II, so this isn't just idle speculation.
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