Intel blows away Wall Street and doubles earnings

I've said it before and I'll say it again: everyone harps on Microsoft for their deadlock on the software industry but no one--and I mean no one--can hold a candle to the monopoly and industry position currently enjoyed by Intel. The CPU giant blew analyst's expectations right out of the water today when it announced that its revenue for the quarter ending March 31 rose to US$6.4 billion, up from $4.6 a year ago. It's earnings more than doubled--yes, you read that right, doubled--from $894 million a year ago to $2 billion. Think about that for a second: this company made $2 billion in a single quarter.

In the official statement about the earnings, Intel's president and CEO Andy Grove said that 1997 would "be a year of major product transitions for Intel." He mentioned the May launch of the Pentium II processor, and noted that Intel's challenge, "as always, will be to add manufacturing capacity fast enough to supply all market segments."

In other words, their only problem is how they'll make enough chips to satisfy demand. Notice no mention was made of "competition." To Intel, there's no such thing

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