Installing Windows on an ASUS Machine

Installing Windows on an ASUS Machine

Q: I have reinstalled my ASUS laptop, but when I try to install certain ASUS applications, they won't install as they say the machine is not ASUS--why?

A: It's important after reinstalling the OS on machines to install core software and drivers to ensure maximum performance. ASUS has a ATKACPI driver, which writes a number of values to the OS confirming its an ASUS machine.

When you reinstall an ASUS box, you should, at a minimum, do the following:

  1. Go to the Support page of the machine and select Download.
  2. Select your OS.
  3. Download and install the Chipset driver (another good way is to go to Intel, which can auto detect and suggest needed/updated drivers).
  4. Under Utilities, download and install the ATKACPI driver.
  5. Install other utilities such as Smart Gesture.
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