Insightix's Dynamic Asset Management

Our editors had a chance to sit down with Ofir Arkin, CTO and cofounder of Insightix, who walked us through a demonstration of the company's exciting network-discovery product, DID Collector. The product provides real-time, continuous network discovery and visibility, delivering a detailed inventory about every network element, along with a dynamic graphical-topology map. "Most discovery tools available in today's IT environment," Arkin said, "offer incomplete discovery of assets, with slow, intrusive processes that don't occur in real time." In contrast, with its intelligent combination of active and passive discovery methods, DID Collector overcomes the limitations of existing discovery tools, which provide—at best—provide a "guesstimate" of currently connected network elements and topology. DID Collector unobtrusively discovers all network elements, even those beyond firewalls, and maps a complete topology of the network infrastructure. "With DID Collector, you can accomplish routine asset- and configuration-management tasks in minutes, and get results that are complete and updateable at any time," Arkin said. Impressively, DID Collector's installation time is less than 1 hour.

Jason Bovberg

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