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Industry Bytes: NEC Introduces the new M-Series Storage Family

I recently met with Michael Alvarado, SAN storage product manager, of NEC about their M100 storage array which has just been released in the United States. The M100 storage array family is an entry-level storage device that provides the performance and features of enterprise class storage devices. The M100 has a user friendly web-based GUI that makes it easy to navigate and manage storage pools and RAID levels as well as setting up replication. The new M100 storage array comes in a 2U chassis it supports 2.5” or 3.5” drives and can have up to 96 mounted drives. The M100 is designed for multi-tenancy and it allows you to mix different RAID levels in the same storage pools. It supports thin provisioning as well as the ability to perform snapshots and replicate volumes on-line with no interruption of availability. The M100 has an advanced power saving design and comes with NEC’s Phoenix automatic error correction technology. The base price for a single controller model with 8 GB Fibre channel is $4742 with 3.5” drives and $4,814 with 2.5’ drives. You can learn more about NEC’s storage products at: http://www.necam.com/Storage/. In addition, you can look for coverage of NEC’s M100 storage product in an upcoming issue of Windows IT Pro magazine.

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