IE 5.0 bug quietly fixed

Thanks to Ray Pennisi, who somehow found a wonderful fix for an annoying bug in Internet Explorer 5.0. And it's buried on the Microsoft Web site, of all places. Ray was searching through the voluminous Microsoft Knowledge Base when he came across a document called "Partial Web Page Rendered If HTTP Stream Terminates Early," which describes a fix for a huge IE 5.0 problem: Web pages that only partially render. Generally, when this happens, you can hit the Refresh button and the page loads find the second time. But it's a huge annoyance.

No more: Simply download the fix found on this page and the problem is gone. It seems that Microsoft, who found the problem on or before April 17th, neglected to tell anyone that they had fixed it. You can find out more information about the bug, as well as the Intel and Alpha (NT) versions of the fix on the Microsoft Web site

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