IBM Releases Advanced Storage Software Technology

IBM Releases Advanced Storage Software Technology
   IBM has announced new software technology designed to work with and automate data management in heterogeneous Storage Area Networks (SANs). Based on the IBM Research Division's Storage Tank technology, which has been in development for years, the IBM TotalStorage SAN File System is designed to manage files and databases as a centralized resource through a single point of control. "IBM's SAN File System has the potential to become to an organization's data what the Dewey Decimal System is to a library. It is a highly dynamic and autonomic product that reinvents the way information is filed, managed, shared, and accessed within an organization," said Dan Colby, general manager of storage systems at IBM.
   The SAN File System, built with autonomic and Grid technology from the IBM Research Division, introduces a software virtualization layer that changes the way data is organized in network storage systems. The file system lets multiple servers access the same data without creating copies of it. The SAN File System also incorporates policy-based file provisioning, distributed file locking, and a file-based FlashCopy function. IBM TotalStorage SAN File System will be available on November 14, 2003, for $90,000 for a starter configuration.
   IBM also announced updates to other storage products. The next version of IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller storage software will support disk storage arrays from non-IBM vendors, such as HP and Hitachi. The updated software will be available on IBM's Web site on November 14, 2003. The company also announced SAN Volume Controller storage software for Cisco Systems' MDS 9000 family, providing the benefits of IBM's virtualization software embedded within the Cisco MDS 9000 Series Caching Services Module. In addition, IBM has enhanced IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software to integrate more tightly with the IBM TotalStorage family of products.

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