IBM introduces ultralight ThinkPad line

IBM has introduced the final piece of its new ThinkPad line, an ultralight model that will replace the popular ThinkPad 240 and 570 lines. The ThinkPad X20 weighs just 3.1 pounds and is less than an inch thick. It sports a 12.1" screen, 500 MHz+ processors, 64 MB or more of RAM, a 56K modem, and an integrated network interface. The new "X" series joins its stable mates, the ThinkPads "A," "T," and "i," all of which were refreshed earlier in the summer. Each of the ThinkPad machines targets a specific customer: The A series is an all-in-one desktop replacement; the T series is a thin-and-light laptop for power users, and the i series is for individuals (a.k.a students and other non-business users). IBM says that the new X series targets frequent travelers, who will appreciate the machine's small size and power.

"The new ThinkPad notebooks are designed to dramatically improve the overall user experience," says Fran O'Sullivan, the general manager of IBM mobile computing. "Customers are demanding that notebooks designed for the mobile worker be thin and light, embrace the latest advanced technologies, and connect seamlessly to other digital devices. The ThinkPad X Series gives our customers all that and much more."

In addition to sharing the new UltraBay that is common to all new ThinkPads, the X20 also includes a built-in CompactFlash slot, allowing it to use common CompactFlash devices, including IBM's new 1 GB MicroDrive and the memory cards used by popular digital cameras. IBM says that the new systems, which are available now, will cost $2200 to $3100, depending on options. The ThinkPad is one of the most popular portable computers made; IBM notes that it has sold over 10 million ThinkPads since its 1992 introduction

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