IBM drops NetPC

IBM, co-developer of the NetPC specification with Microsoft, has scrapped plans to build their own NetPC, citing lack of demand from customers. As reported in Friday's WinInfo, many computer manufacturers are starting to realize that the NetPC is a non-event, despite Microsoft's assurances that its a viable platform.

"We won't be introducing a NetPC this year," an IBM spokeswoman said.

"IBM's position is that customers don't want a unique footprint box."

That won't stop IBM from releasing a NetPC-like sealed computer in October, however, that includes proprietary management features. IBM will use concepts from this box to make all of their computers easier to use and cheaper to maintain, the spokesman said.

More importantly, however, is IBM's plan to release a line full-featured PCs that will cost around $1000. This was to be the NetPC price-point and IBM reasons that customers would prefer the real thing over a stripped NetPC model

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