IBM Acquires Storage Management Software Company

IBM has noticed the importance of storage management software, and the company hopes to enhance its product offerings with its latest move. IBM has acquired TrelliSoft, a privately held Storage Resource Management (SRM) software company. The acquired company is now part of IBM's Software Group, and its products will be available from the IBM Tivoli Software unit.

TrelliSoft's products provide automation tools for storage infrastructure in several areas including asset management, availability, capacity, event, and performance. Its software is designed for Java and Web-based resource management and supports AIX, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and others. The software will complement the storage software that IBM is already developing.

Robert LeBlanc, general manager at IBM Tivoli Software, said, "\[With t\]his acquisition, we will accelerate our ability to deliver a high-quality product that meets our customers' needs for storage management. This enables customers to more effectively and efficiently manage their storage resources, and, as a result, improve their return on investment."

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