Humor: DOJ sues Ford Motor Co.

Thanks to Tim Tyler for forwarding this bit of humor; enjoy it and have a greet weekend!



DOJ sues Ford Motor Co.


WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department today filed suit against Ford Motor Company, alleging that Ford's practice of "bundling" radios with its cars was a monopolistic restriction of trade, and an unfair competitive practice against makers of car radios such as Alpine and Pioneer.

"We feel that it is wrong for Ford to give away what other companies charge for," said Joe Klein, head of the DOJ's antitrust division. "Furthermore, requiring that Ford dealers deliver cars to consumers with radios preinstalled restricts consumer choice."

Justice demanded that Ford immediately cease shipping cars with radios, and that it provide current Ford owners with easy instructions for removing their existing radios. Klein also asked a judge to impose a $1,000,000 per day fine on Ford for each day it failed to comply. "Usually, antitrust fines are about $10,000 per day," Klein said. Klein called the amount of the requested fine "unprecedented", but then said, "Well, you know, what the hell.

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