HP Launches New StorageWorks Arrays

   HP has introduced two new storage products that aim to simplify and lower the cost of storage. The HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array (MSA) 1500 cs supports either SCSI or Serial ATA (SATA) disk enclosures through a single controller shelf; the HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 20 (MSA20) is a low-cost SATA disk drive storage enclosure.
   According to HP, the MSA1500 cs is the industry's first array to support either SCSI or SATA disk enclosures through one controller shelf. The company will update the product in the near future to support a mix of SCSI and SATA disk enclosures. The MSA1500 supports up to eight 24TB SATA enclosures or up to four 8TB SCSI enclosures to give customers a low-cost, tiered, and upgradeable solution. Pricing starts at $8995.
   The MSA20 is a SATA disk drive storage enclosure with Ultra320 SCSI host connectivity. The MSA20 is designed to provide storage for data that isn't frequently accessed, such as reference or archived data and disk-to-disk backups. Pricing for the MSA20 starts at $2959. Both products are available now.

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