How do I remove a NT computer from a domain?

A. The first way would be to logon to the machine you wish to remove from the domain and start the Network Control Panel Applet (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Network or just right click on Network Neighborhood and select properties). Select the Identification tab and click Change. Just enter a different domain or workgroup, you will receive a notice welcoming you to the new domain/workgroup. The problem with this is the machine can still rejoin the domain as its account has not been removed from the domain.

To actually remove the computer account from the domain perform the following:

  1. Logon to the PDC as an Administrator
  2. Start Server Manager (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Server Manager)
  3. Select the machine you wish to remove and click Delete (or select "Remove from Domain" from the Computer menu)
  4. Click Yes to the confirmation

Alternatively you can remove a computer from the command line using the Resource Kit utility NETDOM

netdom /Domain:<domain> MEMBER <machine name> /delete
e.g. netdom /Domain:savilltech MEMBER kevinpc /delete

You can use this command from any machine workstation or server as long as you are logged on as an administrator. When you enter the command it will find the PDC and delete, the output is as follows:

Searching PDC for domain SAVILLTECH ...
Found PDC \\PDC
Member \\KEVINPC successfully deleted.

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