How do I change Domain Names?

A. This is not so much a procedure but things to think about.

  1. NT stores both the textual name and the Security ID (SID) associated with the name, when you change the Domain name you only change the textual part and NOT the SID.
  2. All users should log off before starting the Domain Name change
  3. Break all trust relationships with other Domains
  4. If possible all BDC's should have the domain name changed and want to reboot. Say reboot later, and shutdown the machine and power it off.
  5. On the PDC run control panel, and change the Domain Name through Network Panel. The computer will prompt for a reboot and select "Reboot Now".
  6. Once the PDC is up let it stabilize for a few minutes then bring up each BDC with a minute gap, so it can validate with the PDC
  7. Re-create trust relationships with other Domains
  8. Move all clients to the new Domain, for Workstation see next FAQ.

A knowledge base article exists at

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