How to Create an IIS Web Package

How to Create an IIS Web Package

Q: How can I create an IIS Web Package?

A: Some services, for example System Center Virtual Machine Manager, can deploy IIS web packages--complete websites that can easily be deployed in an automated fashion containing all the configurations and files that make up the website.

It's not always obvious how to actually create an IIS web package to be used in your automated deployment. But it's actually a simple process.

First, download the Web Deployment Tool from the Microsoft site,  then launch the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, Inetmgr. Select the website you want to export, and from the Actions select Export Application... from the Deploy menu.

Select the components to export, as the screen shot below shows, and click Next.

Specify any additional parameters, then click Next. Enter a name to save the package as, which will be a ZIP file, then click Next, then Finish.

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