How can I verify my Windows 2000 domain creation?

A. A. To verify the tcp/ip configuration is OK check for the ldap.tcp.<domain> service record, e.g.

C:\> nslookup
> set type=srv
Server: \[\]
Address: SRV service location:
svr internet address=

The ldap record used to be ldap.tcp.<domain> but was modified in build 1946 onwards. The underscore is necessary to definitively differentiate our unique names in the DNS namespace from internic registered domain names on the internet. In this way we can ensure that there will never be a DNS name clash. My understanding is that RFC 1034\1035 (may be wrong with these numbers as they may have been superceded) say that the underscore character is NOT a valid character to use in a DOMAIN NAME. All internet registered names should never contain the underscore. Now, RFC2181 states that the underscore is a valid label to use in DNS (as well as plenty of other characters too) so we the underscore is used to prevent possible clash with INTERNET names. This change was introduced in earlier builds of windows 2000. For a while DC's generated both styles of names in DNS to support both styles of clients (ie newer and older builds). Now that client code is changed to look for underscores, we have now retired the ldap.tcp names in favour of the _ldap.tcp names.

Also make sure the NetBIOS computer name is OK

C:\> net view \\<computer name>

Finally check the NetBIOS Domain name works

C:\> usrmgr <domain name>

The NetBIOS domain name is used for backwards compatibility. Use a 4.0 version of usrmgr.

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